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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

He has returned!!!

As you people may have noticed, I haven't updated in about a week and a half. My apologies. My google adsense account was closed and I actually was busy for once. Never fear though, I have returned.

Today's show for you to reference?


That is one ill rap I must say.

Here's what you need to know about the Rugrats.
Chuckie was afraid of everything. The one thing he wasn't initially afraid was this clown:
That would be Boppo, who could only say, "Hi! I'm Boppo!"
Boppo was invented by Tommy's dad, Stu. Chuckie loved it so much that Tommy let him have it. But then, in the middle of the night, Chuckie saw the silhouette of Boppo and that made Mr. Finster need a new diaper. But could he give it back? HELL NO!! According to Phil and Lil he'd be a GiverBacker then and that would ruin his friendship with Tommy. Tommy wanted Boppo back though, but then he would be a TAKERBACKER!!!!!!!! Whatever were they to do? Well, five minutes later when the episode needed to wrap up, Tommy was the proud owner of Boppo.
There also was one episode when the babies actually didn't hate Angelica and her weird obsession with Cynthia dolls.
In this episode the rats think the world has ended and they only survived because they built a fort out of a picnic table. They must have gotten that advice from the Russians during the Cold War. Well, Angelica was turned into stone (It was actually a statue her Dad, Drew, built for her birthday) and the babies accidentally destroyed it. Tommy cried, Phil and Lil made-out, and Chuckie wondered what life was like on the planet on his shirt.
Always remember, a baby's gotta do, what a baby's gotta do.

Monday, September 13, 2010

100 applications milestone reached!

Ladies and gentlemen, I have crossed a plateau. 100 applications has been breached and here are the top seven things I've experienced from it.

7. No matter what, there is always something to be fixed on the resume. Just today, I noticed my format was off. Awesome. I had computer skills as a header, but below the actual skills. It wasn't always like that but when I tinkered with one part, it must have thrown off another.

6. My record for quickest rejection? I set it today, twice. At first, it was set at a four hour response back saying the position had already been filled. Then, this happened.

Let's look at the time mine was sent and her reply. 24 minutes. 

5.  When the amount of applications stacks up so high, you tend to forget where you've applied. I've had to go through numerous applications only to learn at the very end of the process, they already had it on file.

4. This blog hasn't helped me get a job yet. No surprise there.

3.  I have created an alternate email account just for all the SPAM I get now. 

2. How many user names and accounts have I created? That's more than 30 by now. These companies think its a great idea for you to create an account to apply to them. Don't they realize this is most likely a one time thing for me to apply?

1. My number one experience? The amount of disc golf I've gotten to play is outrageous. 

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Weird choices of a hook-up...

There are certain people that receive notoriety that cannot be explained. When people gain this popularity, the quality of their looks can go down but people would still want to hook up with them. I call it SJPS, or in longhand: Sarah Jessica Parker Syndrome.
Today I want to share with you some of those people that aren't really good looking but still can get a lot of smoosh smoosh.

Example number one:
Flo. The Progressive lady. For some reason, I would just to say I did. If she wasn't on those commercials, no way. She can save me so much money though even if its not with Progressive and she works in car insurance heaven, literally.  Flo is pasty and already developed the rear made for these. If she took off those mom pants though, I wouldn't pass it up.

Example numero dos:

Adrien Brody. I can't really even name a movie he's in. I tend to steer away from flicks where noses take up half the screen. If anyone has ever seen the movie Perfume, you're left wondering how Mr. Brody wasn't cast for the man with the golden honker for scent. Brody is wanted by ladies somehow and its a huzzah for all men that have a facial feature make a film look like its in 3D when its only 2D.

Example number three:

Why wouldn't you want to try this one out? If she's popped out eight kids, seemed possessed and had  low enough self-esteem to marry a balding Asian in his twenties at the time, wouldn't you? You really can't pass up Kate. Take away her celeb status and there's nothing to her. That aura mixed with her bitchy attitude makes it interesting to see how the results could be between four bedposts. 

Yes, this post was completely off-topic of the norm, but this had been stewing for a long time and I want some more traffic for the page.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Old Show for you to reference #6, Part Two: All That!

Last time we left off with the skits of Kenan. You can view that here.
Today we delve into his best friend, Kel.

What I really have yet to understand about this BP oil spill is why this man has not been called yet.
That's right, because he's Repair Man Man Man Man.
Since he was so awesome, he not only gets a picture on the post, but a video as well.

So not only can RMMMM fix mechanical things, he can fix relationships as well!
You know what the shame is though? RMMMM could fix everything that wasn't himself. So when he turned into this, there was just no hope.
Can't remember what skit pizza face was from? Look at Ross Perot on the left and see if that jogs the mind.
Do you need a good burger? Do you need a place that is like a home that has a good burger?
Look no further than Good Burger and your favorite cashier Ed.
"Hi! Welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good Burger, can I take your order?"
Here's how awesome Good Burger was:
They made a movie about it.
They got Sinbad to play a part in the movie known as Mr. Wheat. Then Sinbad checked into a mental institution with Rob Thomas a decade later, but that's a different show.
Ed just sang a song containing the word "dude" and it was up for a Grammy.
Ed also had his hands in the commercial of Good Burger and all the ladies dug it.

I know, I  now have to leave you with a Good Burger video. That's the only proper way to send this one off. Come back next time where we hook up with, I mean, discuss Amanda Bynes on the show.