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Monday, September 13, 2010

100 applications milestone reached!

Ladies and gentlemen, I have crossed a plateau. 100 applications has been breached and here are the top seven things I've experienced from it.

7. No matter what, there is always something to be fixed on the resume. Just today, I noticed my format was off. Awesome. I had computer skills as a header, but below the actual skills. It wasn't always like that but when I tinkered with one part, it must have thrown off another.

6. My record for quickest rejection? I set it today, twice. At first, it was set at a four hour response back saying the position had already been filled. Then, this happened.

Let's look at the time mine was sent and her reply. 24 minutes. 

5.  When the amount of applications stacks up so high, you tend to forget where you've applied. I've had to go through numerous applications only to learn at the very end of the process, they already had it on file.

4. This blog hasn't helped me get a job yet. No surprise there.

3.  I have created an alternate email account just for all the SPAM I get now. 

2. How many user names and accounts have I created? That's more than 30 by now. These companies think its a great idea for you to create an account to apply to them. Don't they realize this is most likely a one time thing for me to apply?

1. My number one experience? The amount of disc golf I've gotten to play is outrageous. 

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