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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Old Show for you to reference #6, Part Two: All That!

Last time we left off with the skits of Kenan. You can view that here.
Today we delve into his best friend, Kel.

What I really have yet to understand about this BP oil spill is why this man has not been called yet.
That's right, because he's Repair Man Man Man Man.
Since he was so awesome, he not only gets a picture on the post, but a video as well.

So not only can RMMMM fix mechanical things, he can fix relationships as well!
You know what the shame is though? RMMMM could fix everything that wasn't himself. So when he turned into this, there was just no hope.
Can't remember what skit pizza face was from? Look at Ross Perot on the left and see if that jogs the mind.
Do you need a good burger? Do you need a place that is like a home that has a good burger?
Look no further than Good Burger and your favorite cashier Ed.
"Hi! Welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good Burger, can I take your order?"
Here's how awesome Good Burger was:
They made a movie about it.
They got Sinbad to play a part in the movie known as Mr. Wheat. Then Sinbad checked into a mental institution with Rob Thomas a decade later, but that's a different show.
Ed just sang a song containing the word "dude" and it was up for a Grammy.
Ed also had his hands in the commercial of Good Burger and all the ladies dug it.

I know, I  now have to leave you with a Good Burger video. That's the only proper way to send this one off. Come back next time where we hook up with, I mean, discuss Amanda Bynes on the show.

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